Which of the 5 Elements are you?


The Chinese believe that the 5 Elements ( Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) govern the physical, emotional, and spiritual existence of human beings just as they cycles of growth and change in the external world. An excess or deficiency in any one of these basic forces immediately and powerfully affects your physical health and emotional well-being. Once you learn how to balance these energies, regulate their flow, and adjust any excess or deficiencies, you can create health and harmony in your life. Each of the 5 Elements has a unique nature and spirit, and every human being has a constitutional affinity to one or more of them.

                                                               The aggressive, forceful energy of WOOD ( The Commander) is most obvious in the season of spring, when the buds swell to bursting and the seed sprout into tender shoots that, against all odds, push their way through the earth to burst into vigorous life. If Wood is your predominant energy, you are like the greening stem of spring, driven by the need to stay in motion and reach to new heights, yet firmly grounded by a sense of self and “home”- the place where you fit and belong. Your roots are driven deep; your potential is unlimited. Wood people excel or have trouble in planning, decisions, and actions. The future and their ability to see it can be their strength. When out of balance they may procrastinate or have a sense of no hope.

Famous Wood Types:                                                                                                                                                

Roberto Clemente, Lin Manuel Miranda, Michelle Rodríguez, Arturo Schomburg

The radiant energy of the sun, which is the power of FIRE ( The Lover), is felt most intensely during the season of summer. Fire is the force that generates passion, compassion, and creativity. If you are energized by Fire, you are filled with enthusiasm and a blazing love of life. You draw others to you as the flame draws the moth, and you thrive on drama and excitement. Your intense craving for affection and close physical relationships will prove to be either your greatest strength or your most notable weakness. Fire people love to reach out and be in relationship with all people. They enjoy to laugh and sometimes they carry a sadness or lack of joy deeper in themselves.

Famous Fire Types:

Celia Cruz, Sammy Davis Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Luis Guzman, Bruno Mars, John Leguizamo

The power of EARTH ( The Peacemaker) is captured in the image of a garden: fertile, nourishing, solid, yet forgiving, the power of Earth is strongest in the late summer and early fall-harvest time. If you are energized by the power of Earth, you are a natural and mediator who thrives on harmonious relationships; discord and dissension throw you off balance. A sense of kinship and connectedness to others is essential to your health and happiness. Earth energy helps you find a center between opposing forces, teaching you how to resolve your differences and find sensible solutions to even the most difficult problems. Earth people have the ability to nourish like a mother can nourish a child. Thus food and understanding are important. Sometimes an Earth person can feel a sense of emptiness or neediness in their own life.

Famous Earth Types:

 Oprah Winfrey, Pope Francis, Rosie Pérez, Jimmy Smits, Ricky Martín, Rosario Dawson

The power of METAL ( The Artist) is symbolized by a majestic, snow-capped mountain. Reaching toward the heavens, yet firmly grounded in the earth, the mountain stands as a symbol of inner strength, endurance, and tranquility. If you are energized by Metal, you are disciplined and precise, strong-willed yet willing and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Drawn to the core issues of life and the higher truths of art and philosophy, you seek to develop your character by devoting your attention to ethics, morality, and the acquisition of knowledge. Your season is autumn, the time of year when you begin to compress and contract your energy, pruning back and pulling inward in preparation for winter. Metal people search for what is pure and spiritual. They set the highest standards for themselves and others, respect is important. Sometimes they live in a sense of what could have been.

Famous Metal Types:

Mother Teresa, Mariah Carey, Zoe Saldana, Marc Anthony, Rita Moreno, Soledad O'Brien

The power of WATER ( The Philosopher), which is most evident in winter, can be seen in the raindrops that freeze overnight into icicles and melt in the morning, falling softly to the ground to dissolve into mist when warmed by the sun. Water changes shape effortlessly and yet never loses its essential character. If Water energizes you, you are dependable, infinitely resourceful, and single-minded in pursuit of your goals. Difficult or demanding situations do not cause you to hesitate or retreat, for you have a firm, unshakable sense of self, and you follow the path before you with strength, purpose, and determination. Water people have a persistence and determination and will often excel in situations that others find too scary. Sometimes they may hide a deep sense of being frozen or washed away by their own fear.

Famous Water Types:

Maxwell, Hector Elizondo, David Blaine, Benicio Del Toro, Aubrey Plaza, Robi Draco Rosa