More BBD Projects

 At the moment Boricua Barefoot Doctors has its first incentive program called "Sirens"!!!  Sirens is a way to call out for loving care from another healer. Since the healers need care too; basically Sirens is a way to receive care from another member in BBD and no money is exchanged. " EXAMPLE ": Maria wants a session from Tito; and Tito accepted the offer, in exchange Maria will treat Tito with a bodywork session ( or whatever). It's a way to insure, you are receiving care from someone you trust and has your interest at heart. To be part of Sirens, we ask you complete at least 4 sessions with BBD a year. The acupuncture point which best represents, Sirens is " Palace of Weariness"( PC-8): When leading troops on long campaigns the Queen can get weary, there are few hot meals, lots of stress, hostel situations. It's a outpost for the Queen to get refreshed and restored.

   I'm proud to announce a second program from BBD called " Adapt"!!!   Adapt is a way for individuals who wish to help communities learn in a new and innovative ways of creating green living space. This consist of sleeping, kitchen, bathing, and healing space!  Adapt will explore the meaning of our home as a elemental life system. Adapt was envisioned to assist individuals create a natural & whole environment. How to construct a home made of wood, yet as strong as concrete. Also tap into available energy sources ( solar, wind and water) to power homes in Puerto Rico. Understanding and mirroring natural patterns can establish deeper appreciation of our community and home life. Adapt essential goal is to create a healthy, harmonious and ecologically sound home and community. The acupuncture point which best represent Adapt is Liver - 14 - Gate of Hope. A person may say, "I will deal with it tomorrow". This point helps when someone is totally resigned from life, given up. they see no birth or growth. They don't want to plan for the future. They are shutting off.

                                                                      The third program is called " Germinar". Germinar proposed to educate local communities on profitable ways to sustain their lifestyles using non pesticides/ herbicides techniques to secure a healthy Agricultural crops. The soil under our feet supports us in numerous ways. Germinar wants to cultivate small scale organic herb production for communities to survive unforeseen crisis. Permaculture techniques will be a key stable in the Germinar curriculum. Helping to maintain school, neighborhood and backyard gardens can be celebrated with vital importance from community members. Acupuncture point, Spleen 8 - Earth Motivator; paints a lovely image of BBD; Germinar....  .  "Earth Motivator" invigorates and prepares the earth within us for planting. Imagine scattering seeds on hard, unyielding soil - few, if any, will take root. Like a bulldozer, this point breaks up, moves and turns the soil within us. Then new growth can occur, promising a richer harvest. A new vitality begins to be felt. Hardness and stubbornness, which manifest as selfishness and lack of sympathy, are transformed into greater thoughtfulness and care in relations with others.                                                                      

The fourth program is called BBD: Unity, this project links BBD with other organizations to secure stronger community relationships. Example: the Puerto Rico Massage and BodyWork Institute wanted to collaborate with future community clinics.  The acupuncture point which best represents, Unity is GV - 20 - One Hundred Meetings. Gathering of the ancestors, summons wisdom of the ancestors. They've seen the patterns, the cycle before. Puts one in touch with the inner wisdom of the elders. Whatever the problem, no matter how horrendous, it can be better.